[ Design Process ]

Designing and building a new basement is a multifaceted journey and can be intimidating when facing unknowns. With over a decade of architecture and building experience, we will guide you along the entire process, helping you make the best choices that will save you time, money, and heartache while demystifying the process. We have mapped out the entire Basement Design Process, giving our clients a full understanding and mastery of the steps along the way. 

We begin with a discovery session that brings out the overall goals of your custom basement. Then we develop your dreams into tangible concepts and build designs with your budget in mind. Once the building design solidifies, construction documents (Bid and Permit plans)  are developed and engineered to make your dreams a reality. 

While all projects may not require the following, this list shall serve as a general guide when certain services are performed throughout the process. 

Pre-Design Phase
  • Pre-Design Conference
  • Discovery Session
    • Your Needs and Wish List
    • Design Theme and Layout
    • Budget Goals
  • Architectural Design Agreement
  • Proposal For Design Services
  • Engagement by Client

Conceptual Design Phase
  • Basement Analysis
  • Floor Plan Organization Concepts
  • Building Style Exploration
  • Client Review

Schematic Design Phase
  • Preliminary Floor Plan(s)
  • Site Plan Building Orientation
  • Material Selection
  • Budget Check
  • Presentations to Client

Design Development Phase
  • Computerize Drawings
  • 3-D Building Modelling and Renderings
  • Develop Interior Features
  • Preliminary Design of Fireplaces, built-ins, and cabinetry layouts.
  • Floor Finishes and materials
  • Explore Doors and Windows
  • Preliminary Building Systems Review
    • Heating, Ventilation, and Cooling (HVAC) & Geothermal
    • Plumbing Systems
    • Electrical Service
    • Audio Visual
  • Specialty Construction
  • Budget Review
  • Presentations to the Client

Construction Document Phase
  • Architectural Plans – Fully Detailed
    • Architectural Plan
    • Floor Plans
    • Building Section(s)
    • Wall Section(s)
    • Stair Section
    • Fireplace Details
    •  Built-ins
    • Materials
    • Electrical Plans
    • Audio Visual Plans
  • Final Colors & Materials
  • Outline Specifications
  • Presentations to Client